State Budget 2018-19

We urge you to join Second Harvest in our efforts to make positive changes in the lives of people in our state who are struggling to put food on their tables. Write a letter, send an email, make a phone call, write something on Facebook, send an editorial to the newspaper, attend an event, tweet a comment. Every positive act you take will help us alleviate hunger in our region.

Support a State-wide Comprehensive Approach to Hunger Relief

The State Fiscal Year 2018-19 biennial budget is an opportunity for Ohio Governor John Kasich to complete the critical work he has led in his two terms as Governor to reduce hunger and food insecurity in the Buckeye state. By supporting A Comprehensive Approach to Hunger Relief, Governor Kasich and members of the Ohio General Assembly can establish a groundbreaking initiative to unify Ohio's response to hunger under a singular banner.



The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is requesting a $30 million per year allocation, sourced from existing federal and state dollars, to comprehensively address hunger by funding the following programs:

  • The Ohio Food Program, providing protein items and center-of-the-plate, shelf-stable foods to keep food pantry shelves stocked
  • The Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program, redirecting surplus fruits, vegetables, and protein items grown and produced in Ohio to local food pantries
  • The Governor's Summer Meals Programs, which fill nutritional gaps for children in rural and high-need areas during the summer break from school
  • The Ohio Benefit Bank, a decade-long collaboration between Ohio's nonprofit and social service sector and the State of Ohio to lift people out of poverty
  • Capacity building for foodbanks and local hunger relief charities to help update and improve outdated kitchen equipment, infrastructure, and more.

Through this comprehensive approach, the association can direct the maximum amount of funding available to Ohioans who need it most with reduced administrative costs and streamlined, effective operations.

Hunger looks like you and me. It does irreparable harm to people, communities, and our state's economy. And it's completely preventable. Add your organization's name to the growing list of nonprofits, agencies, businesses, and organizations who believe that hunger is unacceptable in our great state.

The Ohio Food Program works with local farms and orchards who provide produce throughout the state:

Erie County

  • Burnham Orchards – Berlin Heights
  • Malone Orchards – Berlin  Heights
  • A.B. Phillips & Son Fruit Farm – Berlin Heights
  • Quarry Hill Orchards – Berlin Heights
  • The Chef’s Garden – Huron
  • Mulvin’s Farms - Sandusky

Huron County

  • Buurma Farms – Willard
  • Davlin Farms – Bellevue
  • Holthouse Farms – Willard
  • Mahl Farms – Willard
  • Walcher Farms – North Fairfield
  • Wiers Farm, Inc. – Willard
  • Burkholder Vine Crops – Shiloh
  • Harvey’s Incred-A-Soil – Shiloh
  • John F. Stambaugh & Co. – Plymouth
  • R.S. Hainline – Shelby (parts of Huron)

Lorain County

  • Aufdenkampe Family Farm - Vermilion
  • Dechant-Notley Farm – Oberlin
  • Dodd’s Hilcrest Orchards – Amherst
  • Grobe Fruit Farm, Ltd. – Elyria
  • McDowell Orchards – Amherst
  • Miller Orchards – Amherst
  • Rex Gees Orchard – Amherst
  • Spiegelberg Orchards - Lorain