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Julie's Notes


New [Fiscal] Year: First of Many Firsts

This is our first time experiencing a July 1st start to our fiscal year. For our first 35 years, we would have already been one quarter into our new year by now. There’s many reasons why this change makes so much sense and this was the year to do it. It aligns with many of our partners at the local, state and national level, allows funding campaigns can start and finish in the same fiscal year, and streamlines tracking and reporting of all of our activities.

As part of our Growing Hope initiatives, in a few short weeks we will undertake another first - a large-scale direct distribution Farmer’s Market in Lorain. Second Harvest’s staff and truck will be at the Lorain County Health & Dentistry’s site on Broadway where we will distribute produce to an estimated 300+ families. Volunteers from United Way of Lorain County and HandsOn Northeast Ohio will be helping and other services will be available for those attending. We are targeting Lorain to help address the loss of food pantries in the city in recent months.

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Some New Faces on our Team


New Faces

We are excited to welcome some new staff members to our Second Harvest family. Beverly Lizanich, Director of Member and Program Services, has rounded out her staff with some bright, enthusiastic professionals who recently came on board. “I am thrilled to work with these talented, inspiring women. I finally have the "super team" I've dreamed of assembling - I just need to add the capes! ” shared Bev.

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Fresh Produce Season


One of summer’s perks is picking up fresh produce at a farmer’s market to enjoy it with family and friends. Seasonal produce is fresh, delicious, healthy, and often an out of reach luxury for families at-risk for hunger. Produce can be expensive and hard to find in some communities.

This is why we launched the Farmer’s Market program—to provide healthy, local produce to families that may not have access otherwise to fresh and healthy foods. 

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Early Bird Tickets Now on Sale!


Get your discount tickets now to Generous Helpings. Sunday, September 24th from 5-8PM is the date for this premier event this year.  Join us for an evening of great food and fun as we celebrate our favorite and most delicious event at the Nordson Food Distribution Center. The event will feature tastings of local restaurants’ signature dishes, wine and ale parings, live music and a raffle and silent auction – all set in our beautiful new facility. We are expecting a fun crowd and a large number of tasters this year, so hurry and purchase your tickets at our discounted early bird price. Click here to purchase your Early Bird Ticket.

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Julie's Notes


Growing Hope

Since last fall, Second Harvest’s board and staff have been diligently working, meeting with donors, volunteers and partners to understand our work better.
The result of these months of work is our Master Plan -- our planting guide -- to grow hope in our community over the next five years and beyond. We have set an audacious goal to increase from our current level providing 7 million meals to providing nearly 12 million meals by 2021. Why 12 million?

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