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Spring Forward!

It’s March -- there’s a little more daylight, tulips and daffodils are beginning to peak up and warmer weather’s creating excitement -- but so is the buzz around Harvest for Hunger! Our largest food and fundraising campaign of the year – Harvest for Hunger -- runs now through mid-April. For every $1 donated Second Harvest can distribute 4 meals. Our goal is to collect enough for 1 Million Meals and you can help today with your online donation.

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Vermilion Salvation Army

When you are born and raised in an area and then are able to dedicate your career to helping people in need there….that’s satisfaction. That’s Janet Ancog, Human Resources Supervisor for the Vermilion Salvation Army Service Unit.  “I love it here. It’s been wonderful,” shares Janet. She started with the service unit 11 years ago and is the one who got the food pantry started then.

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Connecting With Our Legislators

It is good when our state legislators are able to see what we do and understand the issues from our vantage point. State Representatives Nathan Manning (Dist-55), Dan Ramos (Dist-56), Dick Stein (Dist-57), and Steve Arndt (Dist-89) have all been able to visit the Nordson Food Distribution Center for tours and updates on our operations during February and early March. We were able to engage in conversation about how the decisions made on the state biennial budget will affect those we serve.

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Are We Part of Your Estate Plans?

What will your legacy be? Our commitment to More Food Less Hunger drives us each day to making this a reality in our community. If you share this desire to make sure the families, children and seniors in our community are fed, you should consider this. And make some plans.

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