Jimmy L. Davis Spirit of Community Award

As a board member of Second Harvest and throughout his life, Jimmy Davis personified a spirit of volunteerism and embodied a willingness to give of himself to improve the quality of life in our community.  The Jimmy L. Davis Spirit of Community Award was created to honor an individual who represents the same qualities as Jimmy and a sincere desire to enhance the quality of life in our community. Many people contribute their time and energy to build up communities.  Volunteers come from many walks of life but they all share a common desire to create change.  It is through these individual's stories others are inspired to serve and recognize their personal power to impact the community around them.

2018 Honoree: Shirley Nain



Past Recipients

2018: Shirley Nain

2017: Carol & Paul Hiltabidel

2016: Joseph Geletka

2015: Ricky Lanza

2014: Tom & Linda Buswell

2013: Thomas D. Jewell

2012: Phillip Michael Brewer