Volunteer Service Recognition

Over 2,400 people volunteered at Second Harvest in the past year, either individually or as part of a group. We recently held our 2016 Volunteer Appreciation dinner at Second Harvest’s Nordson Food Distribution Center to celebrate these volunteers who have given their time to help with our mission.


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We recognize those volunteers who donated a significant number of hours during the course of the year. As part of these two distinguished groups, these volunteers show that they reflect the essence of our original founders. They are:

Eric & Evan Nord Circle honors individuals who have completed 100 or more hours of volunteer work for Second Harvest in the course of the year. Evan & Eric Nord exemplified giving in action. Their drive and spirit has ignited the creation and proliferation of many crucial organizations in Lorain County including the County Cupboard, which is now Second Harvest. The brothers were diligent, creative workers who believed that benevolent and unselfish acts by an individual towards others were a mainstay of civil society and essential to the survival of democracy. This year, these Second Harvest volunteers have demonstrated the highest form of generosity with their time on behalf of a greater good, exemplifying the beliefs of Eric and Evan Nord.

Eric & Evan Nord Circle: 2016 Members

Mona Bellan
P. Mike Brewer
Bob Burkhardt
Linda Buswell
Tom Buswell
Ruth Colella
Joseph Geletka
Mark Gfell
Wes Haddad
Paul Hiltabidel
Carol Hiltabidel
Richard Jacquemotte
Thomas Jewell
Patti Nuhn
Ralph Zilch

Jeptha Carrell Society honors those individuals who have completed between 40 and 99 hours of volunteer work for Second Harvest in the course of the year. Jeptha Carrell’s work in the non-profit sector attracted Eric and Evan Nord to name him as the first full-time director of the Nordson Foundation (precursor to the Nordson Corporation Foundation and the Nord Family Foundation). He had many accomplishments but was especially proud of the creation of the County Cupboard, which is now Second Harvest. He had a special talent as an unassuming administrator-leader and he remained active as a volunteer and supporter of many nonprofits throughout his retirement. This year, these Second Harvest volunteers have demonstrated great dedication to our mission and have diligently offered their time unselfishly.

Jeptha Carrell Society: 2016 Members

Tommie Bradley
Elaine Childs
Ellie Cirian
Maxine Conibear
Mamie Crawford
Jamie Duncan
Roger & Barbara Edgerly
Denise Fernandes
Tim Foley
Tom Haglund
Richard Hasenflue
David Hatcher
Alan Heggie
Sandra Horinek
Paula Huber
Donnie Jakovina
Denise Kaczay
Richard Linnevers
Holli Lombardi
Shirley Nain
Lolly Pepin
Cat Rogers
Gail Roos
Wendy Rosso
Helen Skodny
Ali Steele
Michael Stiers
Nancy Sugarman
Peter Van EuwenJr.
Brenda Warren
Alan Wear
Sharon White