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Julie's Notes


At Second Harvest, July is the start of our new fiscal year. It’s a fresh start for us (minus the cold weather). We are welcoming two new Board members and a new slate of officers. Our executive committee is lead by our Board Chair, Gayle Reeves; Ron Cocco as Vice Chair; Tom LaMotte as Secretary and Joe Flinner as Treasurer. New to our board of directors are Blanca Chavez with El Centro de Servicios Sociales and Mark Chase with Janotta & Herner.

With the beginning of a new year comes the close of the last one and we want to extend a heart-felt thank you to Paul Adair who served as Board Chair for the past two years. His leadership encouraged us to dream big and reach far as he led us through our Growing Hope strategic planning sessions.

With July also comes

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Meet Jorge & Simon


Jorge has been working with us this summer through Lorain City School’s Summer Job Coaching Program. In partnership with TDH Enterprise, Jorge was provided an entry-level employment experience here at Second Harvest helping with food donations & volunteers. A great summer job that is both engaging and meaningful to help prepare Jorge to enter into the workforce down the road. Simon Mercurio is Jorge’s job coach & works side by side with Jorge helping and mentoring him to develop basic work readiness skills, provide task analysis, monitor punctuality and attendance, along with much more. So far, Jorge’s favorite task at Second Harvest has been working in our Repack Room sorting, cleaning, and weighing donations. Jorge has a strong work ethic & a great positive attitude. He is a great team player! We see great things for Jorge & wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors! Thanks for all your hard work this summer!

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Produce on the Move


It is Mobile Produce Pantry season at Second Harvest! It is not a new program, but the name change this year from Farmer’s Market to Mobile Produce Pantry is one that we hope will help to better describe the program. “We feel that Mobile Produce Pantry more accurately represents what we do”, said Samantha Flores, Second Harvest’s Program & Member Services Manager. “There was a lot of confusion about the Farmer’s Markets, “Samantha added. “Our partner charities were fielding calls constantly from clients and potential vendors thinking they were traditional for-profits Farmer’s Markets.”

Based on extensive research by our national organization, Feeding America, we know the most readily available source of food donations to food banks is produce. Billions of pounds of food go un-harvested in our country and in Ohio which could be utilized by food banks to alleviate hunger. As a result of our participation in the Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program as well as our relationships with produce farmers in our region, specifically

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Moovin' & Groovin' at Generous Helpings


Swamp Boogie Band, back by popular demand, at Generous Helping 2018! Their blend of energy and excitement is guaranteed to move your feet. They perform a diverse selection of Motown, Classic rock from the 60's-80's, dance, pop, soul, blues and R&B music which will touch your heart and soul. Music they promise will stir up old memories and create new ones. They are a north coast favorite performing everywhere from Port Clinton to Geneva on the Lake.

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Julie's Notes


Schools are out for summer break and top of mind for us at Second Harvest is child hunger. During summer, children who are at-risk for hunger can prove costly in too many ways to ignore. The immediate impact for children from low income families can include cognitive decline, summer weight gain and learning loss. Long term problems can include susceptibility to chronic disease and compounded learning problems affecting graduation rates.

The Summer Food Service Program is a large part of how we partner to help children get healthy, nutritious snacks and meals throughout the summer months. The Summer Food Service Program ensures low-income children continue to receive

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