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sendhopehome2Every Friday, local school buses buzz with excitement. Most kids talk about their plans for the weekend, while others may remain quiet. Instead of dreaming up their own two days’ worth of fun, there is a child wondering if there will be enough to eat at home during the weekend. No child should worry about when their next meal will be. That’s why Second Harvest needs your support.

Last year, we were able to provide 1,458 backpacks to children in need every week. Every Friday, bags of nutritious and easy-to-prepare food are assembled and distributed to schools across our community. Your gift today will help fill a backpack with enough nutritious food for a local child for the entire weekend. Your compassion today will provide so much more than just food ... you’ll also provide hope. Together, we can ensure children across North Central Ohio have the food they need — every day of the week! Give today!

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Send Hope Home

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